Block Session 3: High Up There: Lessons Learned in Marijuana Legalization in Colorado

Governors Room (Lower Level)

In November 2012, Colorado voters went to the polls to decide on – among other things – an amendment to allow for the use of cannabis by adults age 21 and older. Amendment 64 passed, and in 2013, dispensaries began the sale of cannabis; and while sales began to increase, so did the State’s response to higher access to use. At first, a fractured and territorial response from State agencies left prevention practitioners without resources or even common language to address the new world Coloradans found ourselves in. And while Colorado began to collect taxes, often cited as a success of legalization, few resources, allocations, or guidance, was provided for professionals working in substance abuse prevention and treatment. Join in to a conversation on how this recent history will inform the next 5 years in states with laws allowing adult use, those states who may pass them, and eventually a national conversation about cannabis.